Exercises for contraction or fun for the kids

Balance planet

Half-sphere for contraction exercises sitting down or standing up

Balance planet


The Balance planet is made of wood - the upper part being quality plywood and the lower part solid wood.

Usability of the Balance planets:
  • increases the dificulty of certain exercises,
  • improve results with stability and balance,
  • a recommendable piece of equipment for children to build up their basic motoric functions and for development of sensomotoric functions,
  • for all who would like to gain more self-confidence as it takes a few (failed) attempts before easily doing the exercises.

Balance and coordination as the foundations of good workout

Good sesomotoric functions are important for adults as well as children. Among other things, Balance planets help build better posture and coordination.

It's a wonderfully fun workout equipment for all ages.

Balance and coordination

Create more challenging exercises in combination with other Strong AS Wood gym equipment.