Feeling of warmth in the room

Why wood?

We operate in Kočevje, the land of forests. The gym equipment made of wood as warm material is easily distinguishable from that of cold hard steel. The feeling during a workout is different as is the odor due to pleasant smell of wood.

From inspection and design to installation

Full-service of equipping gyms

Do you want to use your space as best as possible? We have decades of experience with managing and equiping gyms, sports and workout centers.

Made in Kočevje

Own development and production

Everything we make comes from our desire for better, more efficient and authentic exercise. We will be honored shall you decide to come and take a look at our products in action.

Designed for spaces both big and small

Functional training space

With added ceiling construction and wooden walls we create a lot of space for different activities. This means more users exercising at the same time.

We tend to upgrade our methods and equipment

Upgrading is simple

Every good sports/training center evolves over time. Easy upgradable and ability to change the look-and-feel of the gym is how we designed the Strong AS Wood products.

As creating it for ourselves

Easy to maintain

Because we also use our products intensively, we designed them to require minimum maintenance and have a long life-span.