Exercises for your whole body

All-Fit Elastics

Without straining tendons and muscles - with the flexibility to choose the difficulty of exercises

All-Fit Elastics


All-Fit fitness elastic with handles is made from quality plastic, that doesn't break and elastic ropes that don't tear. The elastic is 200cm long and 14mm wide.

Advantages of All-Fit Elastics:
  • Increase in muscle elasticity;
  • Decrease chance of injury;
  • Increase blood flow and mobility/flexibility of joints;
  • povečuje cirkulacijo krvi in povečuje mobilnost sklepov,
  • Offers 3 resistance levels without changing to another elastic.

Incredibly diverse and useful training equipment

  • Recomended fitness gadget;
  • Easily transportable;
  • Doesn't take up much space, so athletes can always have it with them;
  • Great for warm-up and stretching;
  • Essential equipment for all who travel a lot but only take necesarry things.
Strong As Wood elastics have distinctively improved the physical condition of our team.
Coach of basketball team Lesdog Kočevje

Total body workout for true results

An elastic that won't hit you in the face after possible weardown

To make All-Fit Elastics we use quality multithread elastics. This way we prevent possible tearing and injury during exercise.

Regular elastics are made from single elastic ropes. When they break the chances of injury and getting hit are quite high. With multithread elastics that risk does not exist. As threads will break one by one, the others will still hold. This gives you more time to notice the damage and still finish the exercise.