Full body workout on one machine

All-Fit Wooden Rower

Exercise your whole body and excel at proper rowing

All-Fit Wooden Rower

1.490 €

Strong AS Wood wooden rower combines multiple machines into one to save space and increase efficiency of exercises. It can be used by individuals in their homes, but primarily it's meant for gyms, fitness and rehabilitation centers.

The wooden rower is not difficult to use as will meet anyone's needs and physical abilities.

By using the rower one shall increase stamina, physical strength, muscle elasticity, rehabilitation, stability and all-around physical preparation without straining tendons.

All-Fit Wooden Rower can be used for:

  • exercising every muscle in your body,
  • increasing muscle elasticity,
  • relieving muscle pain,
  • increasing blood flow and joint mobility/flexiblity.

This innovation came to life due to my desire to offer my clients one machine for all-around quality exercise without the possibility of injury.

Aljaž Štemberger, trainer and innovator

It's more than just a great rowing machine

The elastics decreases material wear and there aren't any problems with tangling and spiraling of handles as compared to the wire rope.

We can use the rowing machine for more than 50 different exercises for the whole body. By using elastics everyone can use it for a healthy and efficient way to strengthen muscles.

This is something completely new on the market and it's breaking fitness machine myths.

The wooden rower makes almost no noise so it's great for smaller homes and condos where good relations with neighbours are essential.

As I built the first All-Fit Wooden Rower the waiting line on it in my gym was so long that I had to make another one immediately. People really like to use it.
Aljaž Štemberger, trainer and innovator

All-Fit Wooden Rower is made of quality plywood, 21mm thick (case); quality plastic handles that doesn't brake and multi-thread elastic ropes that don't tear like classic tubular elastics. The elastics are about 200 cm long and 14 mm thick.

Silicon wheels under the seat and at the bottom make movement smooth and silent. A seat has a durable rubber for better grip. The moving platforms for feet enable more natural movement, the linen strips prevent the feet from slipping and hold them in place.

Rower dimensions: length 192cm, width 40cm, depth 52cm       
Weight: 28 kg

I have been testing the rower in my fitness center for more than a year and a half, and it has been used for more than 10,000 hours. In all this time there has been no need for maintenance nor repairs. This gave me the confidence to offer it on a market without the risk of complaints.

Aljaž Štemberger, trainer and innovator

Adjust the difficulty of exercises for the whole body

An excellent piece of equipment for personal use or in a sports center