Made of Wood - for professional & user-centric exercise

In Kočevje, a town surrounded by forests, we combined the knowledge of woodworking and lifelong coaching experiences of different sports. The results is innovative gym equipment for personal and professional workout, made from comfortable materials. We design our Strong AS Wood products for healthy and effective individual training.

Strong AS Wood follows the newest trends regarding materials while using traditional methods of processing wood. We use several materials which are considered waste in other productions. By doing this we minimize the carbon print and responsibly contribute to the circular economy.

We develop gym equipment for safe and natural exercise

Inovation in wood & quality of workout

So far we created

  • Wooden Rower

    Innovative all-body workout and proper rowing machine
  • Flexible Push Up Handles

    For stability push-ups with an option of rotation
  • Equipping Workout Centers

    From design to implementation
  • Massage Rollers

    To relieve your muscles and knots after intense workout
  • All-Fit Elastics

    Topnotch elastics for professional workout anywhere
  • Wooden Cage

    Power cage made of wood - separate or an upgrade for wall bars
  • Balance Planet

    Half-sphere for contraction exercises
  • Braided Elastic Rope

    Improve explosiveness, speed and power
  • Wooden Gym Rings

    Use as part of a pull-up system or separately
  • Wooden Step Stools

    For aerobic and anaerobic exercises