For speed, explosiveness and power

Braided Elastic Rope for Resistance

Exercises with resistance for improving explosive speed, strength and power

Braided Elastic Rope for Resistance


Braided elastic rope for resistance is made of quality multi-core elastic ropes that don't tear like classic tubular elastics. Lenght 400cm, thickness 37mm.

Braided elastic rope can be used for:

  • improving balance, explosive strength, power and speed,
  • training specific muscles of the upper, middle and lower part of the body,
  • improving motoric capabilities,
  • improving cardiovascular system,
  • rehabilitation.
Advantages of exercising with resistance:
  • most useful for the upper body part,
  • not being as stiff as a normal rope it's a great accessory for improving explosiveness and power of the lower body mostly due to its elasticity,
  • can be used as a separate exercise tool or included in station exercises,
  • due to the use of multicore quality elastics, it has an exeptionally long life and durability.

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