Weight Exercises

Wooden Power-Cage

Self standing Power cage made out of wood or as an upgrade for wall bars

Wooden Power Cage

550€ ... nadgradnja za ripstol

950€ ... samostojni power cage

Wooden cage for weight exercises is available as a self standing piece of equipment or as an upgrade for the wall bars. It is especially effective as an upgrade for wall bars in smaller gyms that are allready equiped with many wall bars which are mostly unused.

  • wooden cage with wall bars embellishes and livens up the room,
  • no metal sounds when putting down weights which makes it better for home users, fitnes centers and rehabilitation centers, where a certain level of silence is desired,
  • working on such equipment with weights speeds up metabolism, strengthens bones and it has also been proven to improve memory,
  • great for increasing muscle mass and strength,
  • an important piece of equipment for sports where explosiveness and spring force is needed.

Advanced gym users also need weights (not included with this product)